Let's face it. Most everyone is going to encounter unwanted spam, viruses and other computer pests at some time or another. Everyone has system requirements that change as the growing demand for e-commerce and supporting software programs are ever increasing drag on your computer. These are just facts of the computing world.

Unfortunately, many opportunistic technical services companies have taken advantage of computer myths and "buzz word" terminology in order to price-gouge panicked clients who have need of technical services. It would be like a doctor waiting until your leg is broken, then doubling or quadrupling his fees to set your leg.

Here's a Tone Dog Guarantee you can (and will) take to the bank: Integrity is a #1 Priority here at Tone Dog Studios, and our clients are our #1 concern. This means superior support services, and a bill that reflects only the actual services rendered. Client questions are welcome,and we can detail for you the services rendered. Education is a part of what we do here. Got questions? Let us know how we can help! Here are just a few of the things we can do as needed for your ailing PC:

  • System Restoration (Post Equipment Failure, Virus Cleanup, etc.)
  • System Upgrades/New System Acquisition
  • Network/Computer Consulting (including Preventative Care)
Contact Tone Dog for more detailed information about the above listed services.

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