Graphic Design enters into several of the areas in which we serve clients. The initial idea is only a part of the journey to creating an image which will actively serve a company in terms of branding/recognition for marketing purposes and a well-rounded professional presentation.

Our Design Team has experience in hand-drawn artwork, 3D art/animation, as well as the static graphic images, common to the marketplace ~ each staff member brings their own background and expertise, in order to give you seasoned service to meet whatever Graphic Design challenges you may face.

It is increasingly important to have a cohesive, attractive and memorable image to portray your business. Your logo is often the first thing your customer gets to see about your company. Tone Dog can help you to create images that will effectively communicate your business visually, whether it is online or in print. Tone Dog, Inc.provides Business Identity Integration to your website, video, media duplication projects, as well as provide Business Cards, Letterhead and other various custom stationery/office products with your company branding/logo information.

Contact Tone Dog, Inc. if you would like to
create a new Business Identity or update an existing logo

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