Don't over-pay just to have some vendor send your work to be done somewhere else at a large profit for them - and at considerable additional cost to you! Tone Dog offers high quality, on-site CD/DVD production, editing and duplication. We can deliver any combination of the following related services using the best quality direct-print materials in a timely fashion, catering specifically to your project requirements:

  • Source Mastering
  • Graphic Design/Alteration
  • Media Duplication
  • Supplementary Media Packaging
  • Fulfillment Services

Many companies and organizations may offer subscription video or audio to their sales force, promotional material to potential customers, and various other media products on a regular basis.

Fulfillment Services with other providers tends to be overly expensive unless the volume is in the neighborhood of tens of thousands of pieces per distribution period. In correlation with our business model however, Tone Dog Studios is equipped to serve the mid-size and small business in this area as well. If you have need for CD or DVD media distribution, please let us know. We may be able to save you a bundle with our prompt and professional service, including Post Distribution Reporting per period and Client Support Plans for every need.


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