Project: Website / Web Application

Client: All Things Photography

Feature Set: Graphic Design/Web Design; Flash Visual Components; Client Login/Gallery Edit Functionality; Tone Dog Web Hosting

Client Comments: "…Thank you so much for designing and maintaining my website You have been very gracious in answering all of my questions... everything is always addressed in a timely manner. Your willingness to help me as my business needs change and grow is priceless. You have turned my ideas into a reality and my business is benefiting greatly. Once again thank you for all your time and help in the growth and development of my business. -Amy Pheasant All Things Photography"

Tone Dog Notes: The requirement of hands-on edits by the webmaster is considerably reduced for this client, as they have login/edit capabilities. Basically, the client can edit components of their site content without paying additional web design charges for each change. In many cases where edit pages with client login functionality is applied, a support plan may be elected by the client for training purposes; Tone Dog offers a myriad of support plans for every need, and on any scale. Inquire if interested.